Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Blog monetization - some thoughts

Since I enabled AdSense on my blog I started to look for what monetization of the blog is. To my surprise, this is a huge industry and it is not based on generation of my money just by creation of a good content.

My "simple minded" understanding of how people earning money on blogs was that one who creates good content, brings more visitors. These visitors suppose to "produce" some clicks on AsSense; at some point this "clickng" would translate into nice check once in a while.

Not that simple - first, there is a "blogsphere war" around - some people prefer blogspot, and some rave about wordpress. Monetization gurus warn about using blogspot, as at some point, it prevents blog owner from converting his blog into "lean, mean money making machine" - which brings in question point - why to make blog to begin with? - to express yourself or to make money? If blog is done just for money - this is garbage content with no spirit and no true continuity, and this garbage will saturate search engines and will only hide good information from people who need it.

I think it should be a matter of balance - it is understandable, that people love rewards and for many monetization is not about money, but rather seeing that their work is been rewarded, may be not in direct way, but a very "real" way.

When you look around - you see tons of advertised blog software and portals that for some "small" money will post your blog information around tons of other blogs, etc. There is other software that will generate dozens (or more) blogs for you with the questionable content  (from a copyright perspective) and, again, will supposedly generate money for you.

First I was quite shocked. Does this blogging bacchanalia means that normal blogger, who just writes really good and authentic stuff, has almost zero chances to be heard, unless he joins money making and content faking crowd?

I just touched this topic - may be I wrong, most probably I need to learn much more about the subject - this is quite interesting phenomena.

Overall - we need better "google", better search engines - we need TRUTH SEARCH ENGINES, We need technology that will identify truth and real, good information and will spit all the junk to where it belongs - garbage bin of search engines, not our screens

Surprisingly, I came to this conclusion and that was not my intention at the beginning when I start writing this piece (Honest!)

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